David Bowie about his true love

11.13.2019     /     News author: Oksana

David Bowie about his true love
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30 years ago the Berlin Wall fell, one of the most emblematic walls in the world that separated families, friends and great loves.

A wall, whose fall I represent freedom, democracy and the demolition of hate, racism and xenophobia.

With it, the essence and feelings were embodied in the walls of the wall, bringing to life the thousands of stories that were forged in it.

David Bowie, one of the most important characters that music has given, was one of the artists, who, inspired by love, wrote the so-called hymn to hope.

According to the Space Oddity interpreter, ‘Heroes‘ was inspired by a couple of young lovers he used to see from the window of Hansa's studio, extremely close to the Berlin Wall.

However, co-producer Tony Visconti revealed years later, that 'Heroes' was on his dates with his lover, however, David Bowie protected him, not to mention that he saw him kissing with Antonia near the Berlin Wall .

For 2003, Bowie himself confirmed Tony's verses, stating that he always said they were a couple of lovers hanging around the Wall, however, it was Tony and Antonia's relationship that fueled the idea with which I believe ‘Heroes‘.

“Actually, it was Tony Visconti and his girlfriend. Tony was married at the time, so I couldn't talk about it. I can say that the lovers were Tony and a German girl that I will meet while we were in Berlin. Tony was very much in love, ”said David Bowie.

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