Demi Lovato tells how a year went by without bad habits

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Demi Lovato tells how a year went by without bad habits
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The singer has opened in the channel and has confessed all her feelings about this tough stage. When 365 days of the overdose that changed his life, the former Disney girl confesses how she feels.

Demi Lovato turns 365 days without addictions. It has been a year since she suffered an overdose that almost ended her life and that was a turning point for her. Now, after her time has passed, she wanted to make clear what she feels after going through this hard stage that is getting closer to finishing. "Many of you ask me to return to music but in this matter I have become very cautious. I have decided to take my time. I am dying to launch a new theme, but everything will arrive in due time," the singer confessed about taking up again. His career as a singer.

In addition, she wanted to clarify what she thinks in these moments of social networks, she is the means by which she usually vent with her followers: "People do not realize that I am an extremely sensitive person. If someone says something bad about me or teases, I take it with a sense of humor, but if it's something that matters to me it can be very painful. I'm human, so be nice to me. " She also wanted to make it clear that her biggest support was her mother, and now she looks completely different. "I've been through a lot and I see a fighter. Not a champion, a fighter. In the last five years I have changed a lot and these are my first public words since then. Forgive me if I'm a little nervous," she explained.

Finally, he wanted to send a last message defending the personality of each one, claiming that "you have to be yourself" and do what makes you happy. The interpreter suffered a month ago the death of a friend due to an overdose and a tattoo was made in his honor, to always remember.

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