Demi Lovato introduces her new boyfriend Justin Bieber

11.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Demi Lovato introduces her new boyfriend Justin Bieber
© Instagram / Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato has been sober for over a year and it seems that things are going very well. If a few days ago he gave a talk where he talked about the various problems he has had to face, such as bulimia or addictions, he has now taken another step and introduced us to his new boyfriend through Instagram. This is the model Austin Wilson, a young man with pink hair and tattoos who is a true clone of Justin Bieber. That is the first impression that Demi Lovato fans have had when this morning the singer has posted on her Instagram profile a photograph in front of the mirror in which Austin Wilson hugs her and kisses her.

With a simple emoji of a heart, Demi Lovato announced that the model is her new partner, something that has left some of her followers impacted since they had no news of their romance. Moreover, until a few days ago the singer was related to the actor Mike Johnson, with which no one suspected that he was starting a romantic story with Austin. For its part, the young model has also published a photograph in which he appears in Demi Lovato's room. The couple is hugging in front of the mirror, and this time, being colored, you can see the boy's striking pink hair.

"My love," Austin Wilson wrote in his post. In turn, he has uploaded stories on Instagram in which he is seen lying in Demi Lovato's bed with some of his dogs. Something that has drawn a lot of attention to the singer's followers is Wilson's physical resemblance to Justin Bieber. At first glance, and seeing him without a shirt and with a torso full of tattoos, many have thought that it could be him. However, soon it has been found that it was not the Canadian singer but the model. The sentimental life of Demi Lovato in the last three years has not been very moved. After finishing his relationship with Wilmer Valderrama, with whom he went out for more than six years and even promised, he has been known small idylls that have not lasted in time. Hopefully this time he has found love.

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