Demi Lovato is trying to warn people of the most terrible dependence

10.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Demi Lovato is trying to warn people of the most terrible dependence
© Instagram / Demi Lovato
The American singer, Demi Lovato, published her pain at the death of her friend Thomas. Through ‘stories’, Demi shared some photos and farewell messages for the young man. “Devastated. Please support your loved ones. Tell them they are special and that you love them. Make sure they know it, ”he wrote in the first publication. The following message read: “Addiction is NOT a joke… heaven won this beautiful angel last night because of that terrible disease. I'm overwhelmed and I will always miss you @sirtruss. If you or someone you know has difficulties, know that it is okay to ask for help. ”

On October 1, Thomas made his last publication in which he presented some of the difficulties in his life. “The raw me: I have a splintered front tooth, I left university, I have had many obstacles that put me in crazy positions, I have two scars on my chin when I ride a bike TWICE! Some would say that I am a savage. But below all, I have a big heart that wants to take care of someone. My purpose is to spread love and help everyone around me. God first".

For the singer it is a very serious subject that she always tries to raise awareness, because she has been about to lose her life for the same reason. After a drug relapse last year, Lovato seems to be totally focused on his recovery.

A source close to her said a few months ago that “Demi is very focused and committed to her sobriety and to be the best version of her that she can be. He has surrounded himself with good people and the right kind of friends. He has got rid of the negative influences and made a conscious effort to start over. He has his family nearby and they are a great support. ”

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