Demi Moore made her children suffer

11.13.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Demi Moore made her children suffer
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The publication of Demi Moore's memoirs has removed the foundations of the emotional stability of her three daughters, born from her marriage to Bruce Willis.

Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 25, participated with his mother in a talk where they remembered his mother's relapses with alcohol. It has been in the online program Red Table Talk, directed by Jada Pinkett Smith, which can already be seen on Facebook Watch.

The three young women have seen how their mother, one of the best known actresses on the planet, was consumed because of alcoholism. Although she managed to recover by seasons, relapses were common. "It was as if the sun went down, as if a monster were coming," explains Tallulah, the youngest. "I remember how anxiety ran through my whole body when I realized that his eyes were a little more closed, or because of the way he spoke. Or because he was more affectionate to me if I wasn't sober," they say.

"It was terrifying," says Rumer, the oldest. "It was very strange, and there were times when I felt a lot of irritation. I remember being very angry and treating her like she was a girl, talking to her like she was a girl. She wasn't the mother we had grown up with."

In the autobiography of Demi Moore, who arrived in Spain in January, the actress also speaks of the miscarriage she suffered in the sixth month of pregnancy, when she expected a son with Ashton Kutcher. The death of his father as a teenager, insecurities, eating problems and estrangement with his family, which lasted three years, are other topics that appear in the book.

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