Demi Moore and her daughters lived in hell

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Demi Moore and her daughters lived in hell
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One of the aspects revealed in the book Inside Out, the memoirs that Demi Moore wrote, is that the actress had problems with alcohol and drugs, which led her to be admitted to a rehabilitation center. Her daughters have also suffered their own addictions and the relationship with their mother has not always been as good as they show now.

Demi Moore and two of her three daughters - Tallulah Willis, 25, and Rumer Willis, 31 - have participated in the Red Table Talk program on Monday, which features Jada Pinkett Smith on Facebook Watch.

The interpreter's little daughter also suffered an eating disorder. "I didn't value myself, my life or my body and constantly punished myself for not being enough," Tallulah explained. In 2014, she announced that she suffered from body dysmorphia, a disorder that made her feel self-conscious about her physical appearance: "When I was 13 years old I read all those magazines that said I was ugly. I chose to believe in strangers instead of believing in people who wanted me for one simple reason: Why would those who loved me be honest? " This led her to wear garments with which others will notice her body and not her face. Later, she changed her strategy and chose not to teach anything. "When I dressed all covered up, showing only my forearm, it was when I felt really pretty," she explained.

Her sisters have also suffered the ravages of media pressure. Ms Rumer published in July 2017 on her Instagram profile that she had been sober for six months, although she did not specify that addiction had been released: "I wanted to share this because I am very proud of myself." For his part, Ms. Scout had problems with alcohol consumption and with Justice - she used a false identity document to buy alcohol, and was arrested by the police and sentenced to do community services - and, like her sisters. Two years ago she said she had begun "to live the present completely, without a filter, without chemical aids or easy solutions."

The three share in social networks their victories against addictions and the good relationship they have with their mother, whose book is giving much to talk about. Tallulah confessed to the program of Will Smith's wife that when she read her mother's memories she realized that she didn't know her enough and that they had more things in common than she thought, besides feeling intimidated by the force that Demi Moore He has shown first of all what he has lived. But both Tallulah and Rumer remembered how difficult it was to face that their mother was an alcoholic. "I felt anxiety every time her eyes closed a little more than usual or because of the way she spoke. (- ..) She was upset, treated her like a girl and spoke her like a girl. She was not the mother. with which we had grown, "commented Tallulah.

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