Demi Moore knew which haircut would be the most fashionable in 2019

11.19.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Demi Moore knew which haircut would be the most fashionable in 2019
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The blunt bob that we have talked about this year for being an absolute trend is much more nostalgic and cinematographic than it seems. Because everything comes back

When Marina Valera, fashion editor of, reminded me of the half hair that Demi Moore wore in Proposicion Indecente, I thought of several things: 1) I want to see that movie again. 2) I want Demi's hair or, rather, Diana Murphy in fiction. 3) How had it not been realized until now that the haircut I wrote most during this 2019 had Demi taken first?

"If you wait long enough everything comes back," said Iris Apfel. And this is the obvious proof of how true this phrase is. Because if a few days ago we invoked Demi Moore in Ghost for the return of the bowl haircut - by the work and grace of Charlize Theron -, we must also invoke his half-hair of Indecent Proposition. Not surprisingly, his carre is the same one that was done just a few months ago Kaia Gerber; It is the same as Naomi Watts; It is the same as we have seen versioned in many ways in the street style and which has been one of the most requested cuts in the Spanish hairdressers in 2019. This is what David Lesur, director of training of the David Kunzle salons confirmed: "The Carre has been one of the most demanded cuts in 2019. It is characterized by a square base at the height of the hair that favors all types of faces, ”he said.

In fact, from now on it may become fashionable to go to the hairdresser with some frame of Demi Moore in this movie. Especially if we consider that your bob has more current than ever. "Demi Moore's cut looks like a pure blunt cut, but some frames show that she wears thin caps - I call them invisible layers - that give the cut a sexy point. Being very thin layers, especially in the contour of the face, they do not affect the geometry of the cut - if you do not comb your hair straight - you do not notice, but they give a lot of play when combing this mane in different ways ”, he points out Maria Baras, director of Cheska. Therefore, if you have strong and abundant hair like Demi's - if you have it very straight it is preferable to skip the layers - you should see Indecent Proposal again to analyze all the possibilities of this cut. And by the way save some picture of Demi in your inspiration folder to take it to your next appointment in the hair.

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