Denzel Washington the actor who is waiting for in his film Chadwick Bowman

11.19.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Denzel Washington  the actor who is waiting for in his film Chadwick Bowman
© Instagram / Denzel Washington
The leading actor Chadwick Boseman returns to advance once again, and in a very short way, the sequel to “Black Panther” that is on its way and planned for May 2022. Already the actor commented that he had had occasion to find out some of the ideas that are intended for this movie, and now share what he thinks should be done with this continuation.

I think, you know, I hope we can maintain the foundations that we somehow established and build on them, expand and explore them. That's what I expect, ”Boseman tells MTV International. But I think you have to keep the foundation first. We build a culture and a world, so you have to make sure you keep it in place.

Curiously, he has commented on his disinterestedness in participating in one of the Marvel Studios series at Disney +, where he would team up with other characters, since he prefers to continue exploring his adventures alone, and especially in the cinema.

I wouldn't do it because I don't want to do a television series. [...] I have a list of things that excite me and none of them are franchises.

The actor has also commented in another interview that he would be delighted that actor Denzel Washington, an eternal favorite of many fans for years to take on the role of T'Challa, joined the cast of the film, in case he was interested .

If Denzel Washington wants to do it, I'm sure there is a place for him.

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