Donald Trump was generous in applause

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Donald Trump was generous in applause
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The president said that the resignation of Evo Morales "preserves democracy and paves the way for the Bolivian people to make their voices heard." The White House also asked protesters to respect the “inviolability” of the Venezuelan embassy in La Paz

US President Donald Trump welcomed Evo Morales's resignation as a "significant moment" for democracy in the region and congratulated both the Bolivian people and the country's military.

"Now we are one step closer to a completely democratic, prosperous and free western hemisphere," said the Republican leader, and also considered that Nicolás Maduro and Daniel Ortega should follow the situation carefully: "These events send a strong signal to the regimes. illegitimate Venezuela and Nicaragua that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail. ”

Regarding Morales's resignation, Trump said the outcome "preserves democracy and paves the way for the Bolivian people to make their voices heard." Therefore, he congratulated the people "for demanding freedom" and the Bolivian military "for fulfilling his oath not only to one person, but to the Constitution of Bolivia."

Meanwhile, the US government also asked the population to respect the “inviolability” of the Venezuelan embassy, ​​since the diplomatic headquarters was one of the points of protest, for the alliance between Maduro and Morales. The Chavista ambassador came to ensure that the place was "taken for the hooded." Given the situation, the State Department said: "We call on all those involved in this circumstance, or in any situation of disturbance anywhere, to respect that inviolability."

The resignation of Evo Morales to the presidency on Monday left a power vacuum in Bolivia that must be resolved immediately by the Senate, after three weeks of unrest triggered by questioned elections in which the country's first indigenous president was seeking a new term.

The OAS General Secretariat on Monday rejected “any unconstitutional exit” and demanded that the Legislature take letters on the matter in the face of the organization of new elections after those held on October 20, challenged by the opposition and by the regional agency with Washington headquarters.

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