Donald Trump greets his colleague with a cheerful look

11.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Donald Trump greets his colleague with a cheerful look
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The US president receives his Turkish counterpart at the White House, who blamed Washington for breaking his promise to guarantee the withdrawal of Kurdish militias from northern Syria

Anyone would say that Turks and Americans have years of serious disagreements. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, received his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in the White House on Wednesday, with an affection that has raised eyebrows. After a month of verbal threats and disagreements about Syria, both political leaders seek to file harshness, some of them flushed since the failed coup d'etat of 2016.

"We have been friends for a long time, almost from Day one. We understand each other. We understand where we came from," said a jovial Trump, sitting next to Erdogan in the Oval office. "He is very respected in his country and in the region," he added. Nothing to do with phrases like "don't be silly", which Trump provided in a recent letter, which was about to serve as a pretext to cancel the meeting: "You don't want to be responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, and I don't I want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy. "

Turkish military intervention in northern Syria, against Kurdish-controlled territories, marks the meeting. In an unexpected turn, in the course of a telephone conversation between the two, Trump decreed the withdrawal of US troops in northern Syria, which Turkey interpreted as a green light to launch the 'Peace Spring operation'. A few days later, under pressure from the Pentagon, Trump backed out halfway, warning of consequences if Turkey massacred the population.

Last week, Erdogan blamed Washington for breaching its promise to ensure the withdrawal of Kurdish militias from the northern fringe of the country. It is not the only disagreement. The US has expelled its NATO partner from the advanced F-35 fighter program, in response to the Turkish purchase of the S-400 Russian anti-aircraft batteries. Consequently, on the eve of the official visit, Erdogan has speculated on the possibility of buying a fighter-bomber fleet from Russia.

But Trump has been optimistic before sitting down to talk. "We believe we could reach [a turnover of] 100 billion dollars, and right now we are making about 20 billion," said the US leader. US diplomatic sources have assured the NBC network that "the president is willing to get directly involved in the most critical diplomacy: Erdogan himself."

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