Drake greeted the hostile audience with humor

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Drake greeted the hostile audience with humor
© Instagram / Drake
The rapper has taken it with humor and has left a jocular comment on his Instagram account

Drake is not afraid of anything. The rapper has just put a zasca like a cathedral to the young people who booed him last weekend when he got on the stage of the Camp Flog Gnaw festival. The artist has not cut a hair and has left a most ironic comment on Instagram where he throws a dart at everyone who messed with him.

The scene was quite curious and unexpected since Drake is one of the most prestigious rappers of the moment. Therefore, having him by surprise on the stage of the Camp Flog Gnaw festival held in Los Angeles last weekend should be an event.

However, the plans did not go as organizers thought. The moment Drake set foot on the stage, part of the audience began to boo him. The reason? That they expected to see Frank Ocean and that they didn't want him there.

“As I said, I am here for you. If you want me to stay here, I will continue, ”he told the audience, but the boos continued and in the end he was forced to retire. The videos that are posted on networks show the bad drink that Drake had to go through although, apparently, he has recovered soon.

Drake has not taken long to counterattack and has done so through Instagram. The artist has uploaded a publication in which he wrote with irony the following message: “Turn in the events ... I just signed a 10-year residence at Camp Flog Gnaw. Sorry children, see you EVERY YEAR until you turn 30 ”. Applause for Drake's sense of humor.

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