Drake had plastic surgery

05.17.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Drake had plastic surgery
© Instagram / Drake
Yesterday rapper Drake posted a Instagram photo on shirtless. After that, thousands of subscribers responded to the photos with comments.

“I forgot what it's called, but I remember that feeling,” commented Drake. Fans were not happy with his title. An unexpected conversation about plastic surgery soon arose thanks to Drake's friend, producer Carnage.

In Colombia, you have a fake breast surgery, you are not deceiving anyone, wrote Carnage. To which Drake replied: This is because you are angry with one thing that happened to this one person the other day that you considered your wife.

The joke between Carnage and Drake is obvious. Comment producer revived rumors that the rapper was under the knife.

Drake is not the first celebrity to be at the center of speculation about surgery.

Whether the Drake press is the result of a strict diet and routine exercises, or the work of a good plastic surgeon, judging by the photos, it is clear that the rapper feels himself.

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