Dua Lipa chooses the clothes of her line with a recognized firm for her everyday outfits

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Dua Lipa chooses the clothes of her line with a recognized firm for her everyday outfits
© Instagram / Dua Lipa
This same summer, Dua Lipa was approaching a new terrain hitherto unknown to her, fashion and did so by joining a renowned firm like Pepe Jeans London to launch a collection in which she herself had participated as a designer. An explosive line, full of trends, with total inspiration in the 90s and early 2000s that conquered the public and predicted that this debut of the interpreter in the industry would not be temporary.

The collection is being a real success, both for the general public and celebrities and style prescribers who have not hesitated to add pieces of this line to their daily styles, such as the singer Aitana Ocaña. However, it has been the protagonist herself, Dua Lipa, in charge of positioning herself as the main ambassador of her line, there is nothing more to see her latest bets on the asphalt where the garments of this attractive collection do not stop repeating. She herself has positioned herself as the best source of inspiration for the winter season.

Among his choices, he emphasizes his passion for slouchy jeans in worn black and high rise that are part of Dua Lipa X Pepe Jeans. The British has not hesitated to take them for various looks, both more casual style and with more elegant pieces thus demonstrating its great versatility.

In addition, the artist has also chosen other pieces such as the tight floral print dress with short sleeves, this time in red, for a perfect travel look combined with sneakers in white, some classic. No one like Lipa herself to show the magic of the pieces that have their most personal seal behind.

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