Dua Lipa uses a novel trend

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Dua Lipa uses a novel trend
© Instagram / Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa has joined the celebrities who have removed their bra to wear only a blouse and feel freedom, as many of them have supported the feminist movement through this action.

The beautiful singer showed a little of what is under her blouse, which has a very curious message that says "I already have your attention?", With which he makes an ironic reference, because the artist knows that on many occasions the Attributes are the center of attention of many of the people on the internet.

It should be mentioned that recently Ms. Dua Lipa commented that she believes that social networks can be a source of hate that can affect all people. In an interview for the BBC, the interpreter stated that she has sometimes been affected by comments she has received on her social networks, mainly Instagram.

"Some days I don't see the comments, other days I feel vulnerable and I dive to look for things I don't want to see," he shared.

It seems that with this photograph he has launched a new message with which he says, "I don't care what they say about me." Although he really hasn't said it literally. The British believes that it is easy for people to make hate comments on social networks because they believe they can hide behind a screen, so she asked to be responsible on these platforms.

For any celebrity it is common that both negative and positive comments flood their social networks, it is inevitable not to receive things that displease us being the Internet an uncontrollable tool to some extent. However, many of her followers have supported her in this controversial photograph where she has been released. At her young age Dua Lipa in just three years of career the singer, model and composer has become one of the leading exponents of pop music worldwide, not only for musical performances but for her exquisite beauty.

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