Ed Sheeran a relative of the murderer who killed 25 people

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Ed Sheeran a relative of the murderer who killed 25 people
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Ed Sheeran is not a threatening person. In fact, he hated school because his classmates harassed him. "You know: the redhead, who stuttered a little, with glasses ... a little weird," he confessed only a few months ago about how badly he was at the time. That because they did not know his relationship with Frank Sheeran, nicknamed The Irish, a hitman from the seventies who was said to paint the walls of his house with the blood of his victims.

This data has been revealed by the British actor Stephen Graham, during the promotion of the film The Irish, directed by Martin Scorsese that premieres on November 15 in theaters and 27 on Netflix. This film tells the life of Frank Sheeran - played by Robert De Niro - and his connection with the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, an American trade unionist who disappeared in 1975 in a garage in Detroit. In an interview on the BBC's The One Show, Graham said that the singer told him that Frank Sheeran was his distant uncle. "I swear by God and my grandmother's life. (...) It's what Ed said," said the actor.

However, the British newspaper Daily Mail denies that direct link between the artist and the gangster following the birth, marriage and death records they have analyzed since 1845. But he does admit that they could be very distant cousins, in fourth grade, although with little chance because the parents and grandparents of the hitman were born in the United States. The British media contacted genealogists who have found this relationship between the two through Frank Sheeran's great-grandfather, Thomas, who was born in Ireland, before 1845. These specialists point out that the artist's family comes from Maghera, a town of less than 5,000 inhabitants located in Northern Ireland.

In 2011, when it became known that a movie about the hitman was going to be shot, Ed Sheeran published on his Twitter account: "Robert De Niro is going to play The Irishman in a new Martin Scorsese movie. The gangster he plays is called Frank Sheeran. Real story. " A comment that did not have much impact at the time - it only has 12 retweets and four likes - and that is now being remembered after Graham's statements, which gives life to Anthony Provenzano, also linked to the mafia.

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