Ed Sheeran sang at Gordon Ramsay's daughters party

11.20.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Ed Sheeran sang at Gordon Ramsay's daughters party
© Instagram / Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran came out of his "retreat" over the weekend to play at the event of one of his famous friends and offered a surprise concert for the 18th birthday of Gordon Ramsay's daughter.

Matilda held at the Cuckoo Club in London in Mayfair on Saturday, November 16 at night. According to The Sun, Sheeran played 5 songs for the birthday girl and her hundreds of friends, before making them sing Happy Birthday.

As seen in the videos taken by fans, Sheeran was dressed completely in black and with a surprisingly shorter hairstyle, while playing melodies with his acoustic guitar.

"Tilly's party was the next level," an assistant said. “It was clear that Gordon had spared no expense to make sure it really was a night to remember. Ed is Tilly's favorite singer, which meant to her that he was there, even though his presentation was not cheap. ”

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