Eddie Murphy grandly returned

11.13.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Eddie Murphy grandly returned
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For some days now the expected return of Eddie Murphy has been available, starring in the biopic about Rudy Ray Moore under the title Dolemite is My Name. We liked it so much, that we not only saw it a couple of times, but we also presented what we loved the most and the obligatory thing that turns out to be seen as soon as possible.

We are confident that Dolemite will slip into the top prizes next year, as there are plans for it to reach movie theaters in the United States. But you have it a click away on Netflix and here are good reasons not to miss it.

Believe it or not, the bad thing about Dolemite is My Name is not being able to understand much of the jargon, albur and cadence of African American humor, especially the decade of the 70s. We have chatted with some black colleagues (we will never say that term in a derogatory way, but etymologically correct) and they confirm that, indeed, it is a matter of culture and time that Rudy Ray Moore achieved at that time.

The way in which Eddie Murphy and the production did what the comedian stylized 3 decades ago: to bring together the best of African-American actors in this great story, where suddenly it is cinema that speaks of cinema. The parade of colored stars is great and with great performances!

Frankly, if we lack Samuel L. Jackson, Cuba Gooding Jr. (who is having a bad time now on charges of sexual harassment), Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx. It would have been sublime!

There are many things that we loved: the music, the direction of Craig Brewer (who also directs Coming 2 America, by the way), the performances, the way in which Rudy Ray Moore's semi-biopic becomes a black film narrative and the origin of rap ... But we definitely stay with the interpretation of Eddie Murphy, who should have had a statuette of the Academy for a long time, and hopefully this year is when that happens ... Although Joaquin Phoenix ...

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