Ellen Degeneres and Sandra Bullock do not want to be used by scammers

11.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Ellen Degeneres and Sandra Bullock do not want to be used by scammers
© Instagram / Ellen Degeneres
The actress and TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres registered this Wednesday together with the interpreter Sandra Bullock a joint lawsuit against more than 100 companies of health and cosmetic products that use their image without consent in false advertising.

The complaint filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles (California, USA) includes examples of advertisements of facial creams and other articles that ensure that both celebrities use them, with invented comments in which they apparently recommend their purchase or guarantee results.

Among the items listed are facial creams, anti-aging serums, dietary supplements and weight loss potions, The Hollywood Reporter said.

In addition, the complaint also states that this type of advertising is designed "to look like legitimate or independent press information, and even magazine articles on various beauty products."

This information would use the image of celebrities without their consent to promote the purchase of the product they sponsor.

"The publications on the fake news sites present comments and endorsements that are supposedly from Bullock and DeGeneres, all are false and fraudulent and are published without the plaintiffs' consent," the lawsuit says.

Specifically, the complaint of Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres goes against an advertising technique known as "affiliate marketing", a product is published in an article, which includes the links for purchase on the internet, in exchange for a commission for sales

This strategy, applied by e-commerce giants like Amazon, can sometimes be done fraudulently without the authorization of the celebrity used to make the product more attractive.

Therefore, the two stars believe that their advertising rights have been violated and accuse brands of false advertising and unfair competition.

In addition, they demand that you activate a court order to withdraw the ads and that compensatory damages are contemplated, although the lawsuit also focuses on investigating the responsibility of "fraudulent marketing."

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