Ellen Degeneres has created a topic of discussion and discontent

10.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Ellen Degeneres has created a topic of discussion and discontent
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Ellen DeGeneres was given a ticket to watch an American football game at the Dallas (Texas) stadium on Sunday. The viral image of the television presenter smiling with former Republican President George W. Bush unleashed so many criticisms among his followers that he had to give explanations in his program. The comedian, an LGBT icon, defended her friendship with the ex-president and appealed to be kind to those who think differently. Actors like Susan Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo rejected the statement, while others, such as Reese Witherspoon, applauded it (although the actress later deleted the message). Even the Bush family went out to say they appreciated the message of unity. In a context of strong political polarization in the United States, the chemistry of the presenter with the conservative politician has provoked a debate about whether Ellen's actions are a symbol of democratic coexistence or a whitening of a character that leaves Hollywood as a “criminal of war".

The image of Bush has been refined in the imaginary of American liberals. The arrival of Donald Trump to power, the chemistry he gives off with former first lady Michelle Obama and his facet as a painter after leaving the White House have contributed to the change in perception. But not everyone has left in the backyard of memory the curriculum of the man responsible for the invasion of Iraq. And the followers of Ellen DeGeneres, in particular, do not forget that he opposed gay marriage. In 2015, he said that he had “softened” on that issue, but he was no longer in the Oval Office to do something about it.

Therefore, when the powerful activist stood before the audience of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and started her opening monologue with "I am a friend of George Bush. In fact, I am a friend of many people who do not share my beliefs," many They surprised. The presenter said that "we have forgotten that it is all right that we are all different." Bush spokesman Freddy Ford said later that day on Fox News that "President and Mrs. Bush really enjoyed being with Ellen and Portia [de Rossi, the presenter's wife] and thanked Ellen's comments about respecting each other. They respect her. "But not everyone was pleased. The woman's speech, which is usually a symbol of union, divided the waters in Hollywood.

Mark Ruffalo, actor and activist for abortion and LGBT rights, questioned Ellen through Twitter. "Sorry, until George W. Bush is brought to justice for the crimes of the Iraq war, (including torture led by Americans, deaths and displacement of Iraqis, and deep scars, emotional and other guy, inflicted on our military who served his madness), we can't even start talking about kindness. ”Activist Susan Sarandon also retweeted Ruffalo’s message and posted an excerpt from an opinion column on the subject:“ Without understanding what that is being discussed, Ellen DeGeneres frames the debate simply from the fact that she dated someone with different opinions, not with a man repeatedly accused of being a war criminal. "

Ellen, the fifteenth highest-paid celebrity last year, with revenues of $ 87.5 million, according to Forbes, also received messages of support from the Hollywood world. Actress Reese Witherspoon shared the union message offered in the monologue and wrote: “? Thank you for this important reminder, Ellen!” However, the HBO star deleted the tweet, apparently for the avalanche of criticism he received on the network The actress Kristen Bell (The Good Place) posted on her Instagram account a photo split with Ellen on one side and Bush on the other. "She is my queen," he wrote.

The controversial image in the Dallas Cowboys game against the Green Bay Packers went viral on the eve of hearings in the Supreme Court to decide whether the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects sexual orientation. The cases that were presented to the highest court represent two homosexuals and a transgender who were dismissed for their condition. In 1997, when Ellen DeGeneres broke the tabu about lesbians on television, she was also fired from her job. In his latest monologue for Netflix, Relatable (2018), he says that "getting out of the closet" has "side effects" that may include "the loss of friends, the loss of the family, unemployment." The LGBTI community struggles to make that reality obsolete and they know that Bush did not support them when he had the opportunity.

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