Elon Musk in the Battle of Tesla

06.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Elon Musk in the Battle of Tesla
© Instagram / Elon Musk
In New York, a meeting of owners and investors in the production of Tesla. General Manager Elon Mask a year ago, already held a meeting of this magnitude.

On the agenda was one of the most important issue, namely the distribution of securities for the Tesla concern among owners.

An open battle has taken place over the sphere of influence of the concern, between investors and Elon Mask. In the meeting hall of the meeting, various complaints of investors and appeals to change the composition of production management were considered.

Elon Mask made it clear to all those present that he simply would not give up this production to division. He promised all those present that the new Tesla model will be sold much faster. So fast that the concern will not have time to produce them.

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