Elon Musk smoked marijuana and Americans pay for it

10.19.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Elon Musk smoked marijuana and Americans pay for it
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Last year, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX attended the Joe Rogan program on YouTube and smoked a joint. Until there everything is fine, but the fact is that SpaceX is a military contractor with certain security permits, and the US government doesn't like marijuana at all. His disgust has been so intense that he has spent $ 5 million to prove it.

Initially, the United States Air Force seemed not to know very well what the hell to do about the incident. However, it was later learned that senior NASA officials, including his administrator Jim Bridenstine, were very upset with Elon Musk's decision to smoke marijuana in public. At that point, NASA decided to force SpaceX and its competitor Boeing to go through an intensive safety audit and a "cultural review." The agency understands by cultural review a procedure to ensure that "companies comply with NASA's requirements for workplace safety, including adherence to a drug-free environment." According to a Politico report made public on Wednesday, the SpaceX review involves an expenditure of 5 million dollars that, of course, leaves the general budget of NASA, and this in turn from the coffers of taxpayers.

According to aerospace industry sources to which Politico has had access, NASA has never before ordered such a comprehensive safety and culture review. It is such an exhaustive analysis that even SpaceX and Boeing were confused about exactly what it is. In addition to interviewing employees at all levels of SpaceX, the review meant that the company launched an internal communication campaign to “educate its employees and ensure that they follow strict guidelines for federal contractors, among which it is prohibited. the illegal use of drugs. "

Initially, the payment of the five million of this review fell on SpaceX, but NASA agreed to reimburse the money in an agreement that Politico has described as highly unusual and unprecedented.

Although NASA told Politico that the reimbursement to SpaceX was a “standard practice,” Boeing has not been reimbursed for passing the same procedure. That raises the question of why the company whose CEO started this disaster has been reimbursed and the one that had not done anything. It is possible that Boeing has decided that it was not wise to open your mouth about the matter because it received 4.8 billion from NASA as part of the Commercial Crew Program that is running late. It is a significantly higher figure than the 3.1 billion that SpaceX received.

Both companies were expected to deliver their replacements for the space shuttle program already retired in 2017. They have not done so, and the delay is a source of frustration for NASA. The agency even considered the possibility of buying additional seats to travel to the International Space Station on Roscosmos rockets. NASA publicly argued with SpaceX about the delays before burying the war ax, so perhaps Boeing concluded that it is not worth risking its own dispute for a relatively miserable 5 million.

"The idea that NASA will ever grant SpaceX preferential treatment over Boeing is simply a joke for industry experts," the assistant professor at the University of Southern California and former member of the transition team at NASA, Greg Autry. “Every step of the way, Boeing got more [money] for the program. Much, much more than 5 million. Even discussing $ 5 million in this context is nonsense. ”

While Elon Musk may have triggered this disaster, it is finally the government that decided to spend five million on something that could have remained in a simple anecdote. Recently, Bridenstine tried to minimize the whole thing, telling CNBC that he doesn't believe "there is a lot of history there."

"Frankly, I think both companies operate in a very responsible manner and make sure their cultures are safe," Bridenstine added. “As we approach the launch of rocket astronauts again, not only NASA has to be safe. Our business partners must be safe too. ”

Elon Musk can probably accumulate having smoked weed in Joe Rogan's program as one more entry in his growing list of things he has done on the Internet that he now regrets. At least this time it hasn't cost him money.

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