Elton John speaks openly about his whims and addictions

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Elton John speaks openly about his whims and addictions
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The British singer is portrayed in an autobiography of 448 pages; does not censor family conflicts, addictions, health problems or whims

With the latest wave of biopics that Bohemian Rhapsody inaugurated, the movie about Freddie Mercury and his Queen group, came Rocketman, the tape about the revered artist of Your Song and that was the germ of these memories. More than half a century on stage, on tour and under the spotlight they give for many stories, John speaks openly of his career, his childhood, his health problems, his friends and his whims and addictions.

The musician relives and shares stories in the 448 pages of his autobiography, Me, which he defines as "honest." The publishers say it is a sincere, deep and cheerful book. When he was three years old, he sat at the piano and delighted his family by listening to the skaters Waltz, he says. He had a musical leprechaun and, seven years later, he obtained a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music of London, a prestigious institution.

“Deep down, I've always been a music fan. That part of me has never changed since I was a small child, sitting in a room watching a spinning disk, watching the color of the labels, ”he writes. Hidden behind the already mythical glasses that, alternating shapes and colors, became one of his hallmarks, John was building his way to stardom.

At 23, he first stood before the public in the United States, something that at the time could mark the success of a musical career. It did not go unnoticed: with a yellow bib, a star shirt and winged boots, he put the audience in his pocket with each key. His outfits were another brand of the house. And with fame came the problems with drugs. He started using cocaine in 1974. He said he liked the feeling the substance gave him. “I liked how it made me feel. That shake of confidence and euphoria. ”

In the late eighties, after more than 15 years of consumption, he maintained a relationship with a man, also addicted, who had decided to go to a rehabilitation center to stop alcohol and drugs. The artist, who did not take the decision of his sentimental partner well, locked himself in a house in London to continue consuming for days. In a conversation with the couple John accepted his reality. "If I need help". He decided to rehabilitate himself and entered a public health center in Chicago, where he had to set foot on the ground.

“Before, I only used to shave and clean my ass. I paid other people to do everything else (...). I was a 43-year-old man who didn't know how to wash his own clothes, ”he confesses.

John also talks about his romantic relationships. How he thought he fell in love with a man just by seeing him in a bar and how, for a time, he changed partners every few months when he got bored of one and made someone get rid of him. "It was totally terrible behavior," he says about it. Since 1993 he maintains a relationship with Canadian producer David Furnish, whom he married in 2014 and has two children conceived through a rental belly.

Fame did not improve the relationship with his mother, and that tension was always present between them. Among the friendships of Sir Elton John are personalities from the highest levels in the world of entertainment, politics and even royalty. Everyone knows the friendship he had with Lady Di, at whose funeral he sang a version of Candle in the wind. John says that, at a dinner, Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone fought over Princess Diana.

“Maybe he hadn't noticed. Or maybe this kind of thing happened to her often and she was used to it, ”he writes. According to the singer, the men seemed to lose their minds in his presence. He didn't have such kind words for another star on the music scene that was criticized lately, Michael Jackson. Del Rey del Pop says he was a mentally ill person and a disturbed person. Hopefully he still has a string for a while this genius of music, who has just sincere himself through his book

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