Elton John talks about his greatest fear in his life

11.19.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Elton John talks about his greatest fear in his life
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Consecrated British singer and songwriter Elton John admitted that he was "terrified" of not living long enough to be able to see his two children grow up after getting an infection after undergoing prostate cancer surgery. This was recognized in an interview with the popular British television program Graham Norton, which will be broadcast on the BBC public network on November 28, 2019.

The musician, father of two children, Zachary and Elijah, with her husband David Furnish, had previously revealed in his biography 'Me' (Me) that in 2017 he was successfully operated on a cancer, after which he became ill because of an infection . In the aforementioned television space: 'Elton John: Uncensored, Sir Elton', the musician, 72, notes that he lived a difficult period because of his health problems. During that stage, he cited as an example a performance he gave in Las Vegas in which he had to sing "with a lot of pain." "I did the concert and I was wearing diapers shortly after the operation. I thought: if they knew that right now I am peeing," he told Norton.

Among personal confessions, he also recalled the moment in which he had to be rushed to a hospital in London, where he was "24 hours off." "I had to learn to walk again. He was extremely ill," he acknowledged, recalling how he asked at that time not to "let him die" because he wanted to "see his children grow up." As a joke, he said that there is now "very little" left of him after the prostate operation and his hair loss. Asked about baldness, the famous musician said he feels "very happy" with the tupé he is wearing: "Yes, I am bald. I don't like it, so I wear a tupé." The documentary includes images of the program 'Top Of The Pops', which were not aired in 41 years, in which John is seen with his former partner and manager John Reid accompanying him on the guitar during a Rocketman show.

The program also addresses the complicated relationship that the singer had with his mother, Sheila, with whom he reconciled before his death in 2017. "I thought I had to approach my mother. Things were not right but you have to forgive," he said . According to the composer, it had become "more difficult towards the end of his life" because "he did not approve of civil unions, he did not approve of David" and "he did not like anyone who was closer to me than she".

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