Elvis Presley participated in the war

11.11.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Elvis Presley participated in the war
© Instagram / Elvis Presley
The term "Iraq" became a trend after another gala of tributes in the Super Dancing. Federico Bal and Soledad Bayona, accompanied by six guest dancers, paid tribute to Elvis Presley. During the return, Pampita Ardohain said that the rock icon had participated in the Iraq war and social networks did not forgive him for the mistake.

Everything arose from a claim of Pampita. According to the jury, the choreography did not reflect some very hard aspects of the musician's life. "Elvis was in the Iraq war," said the model. The first to question the sayings of the model was his pair, Ángel de Brito, who published an Instagram story asking: "Elvis was in Iraq?" Then, he joked on Twitter about it.

After the break, the model tried to rectify herself: "I was wrong, Elvis Presley was in Vietnam, not in Iraq." By then, thousands of users had already shared jokes about their sayings.

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