Elvis Presley sings in school musicals

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Elvis Presley sings in school musicals
© Instagram / Elvis Presley
The drama schools continue to amaze the public with their successful productions that fill their theaters. Yoram Loewenstein's Drama Studio has put on the best musicals, with such success that then the repertoire theaters replenish them on their stages and with some of the students in the studio.

This will surely be the case also of the new musical comedy entitled “All Shook Up” with the songs of Elvis Presley performed by Adam El Shir who manages to enter the Elvis Presley style and a large group of third-year students who are almost graduated .

This musical by Joe DiPietro that was successful in the United States and Europe arrives at Loewenstein's studio as a first in Israel, directed by the very professional Shuki Wagner. The rehearsals of this musical began two months ago and ran in a race against time until the premiere. It is being presented until November 23 in the compact study room located near Shuk Hatikva, on Hanoch 22 Street. The success is demonstrated by the fact that the tickets are almost sold out. It is worth trying, because prices are also very accessible.

The musical tells the story of a young and charismatic "Pushtak", who has been released from prison, arrives on a motorcycle with a guitar on his back, to a garage in a very quiet city, to fix it. Adam Al Shir plays "Puchtak" a charismatic young man who finds a very boring and primitive city dominated by a woman (magnificently interpreted by Guy Demidov), mayor who demands from the inhabitants a very rigid behavior.

But Puchtak does not accept his orders and carried by the songs of Elvis Presley in an order as they were actually released, returns humor and joy to the city, shakes the city to a new reality where surprisingly loving couples are formed. The inhabitants follow him and change their lives. A very happy and very happy ending. A very successful comedy.

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