Elvis Presley was not heard many years ago

06.13.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Elvis Presley was not heard many years ago
© Instagram / Elvis Presley
43 years ago, Elvis Presley gave the first concert in the Coliseum. The concert was held in the summer, it was very hot. Before going on stage, Elvis Presley said that the fans who came to the concert wanted to know that he was doing well.

According to eyewitnesses, the atmosphere at the concert was noisy. The spotlights were aimed at Elvis Presley, they dazzled him very much. When the melody began to play, the cries and cries all drowned out. At first it was not heard.

When Elvis Presley appeared on the scene, he squinted his eyes, because there was light in his face. Throughout the performance, Elvis Presley leaned over to the fans and shook their palms, received gifts and flowers from fans.

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