Eminem again outrages even his fans

11.13.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Eminem again outrages even his fans
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It is complicated that a story about Eminem (Missouri, 1972) already raises controversy, because the rapper has set the bar very high in his three decades of career. He has been denounced by his own mother. He has been banned from entering Canada. He has been investigated for threats to two presidents (George W. Bush and Donald Trump). And the list of sexist and apology references to violence against women in their lyrics is so long that we would not end up listing them all soon. Eminem is also one of the best selling artists in history: its sales are estimated at 230 million albums worldwide. And, controversially apart, he is unanimously considered one of the greatest hip hop artists. However, the filtering of an excerpt from the original version of the song Things get worse (“Things get worse”) achieves what already seemed impossible: that Eminem again outrages the public. In it I rapped: "Of course I side with Chris Brown, I would kick a fox too." It is a direct reference to the episode of violence that took place between Brown and his then girlfriend Rihanna (Barbados, 1988) in 2009. It can be heard in the following video:

On February 8, 2009, before attending the Grammy ceremony, Rihanna and Chris Brown had a serious discussion that ended Brown's assault on Rihanna. He was arrested and paid a bail of $ 50,000 (just over forty-five thousand euros) to be released. Her picture, with swollen eyes and lips, went around the world. He pleaded guilty. Rihanna returned with him. Their intermittent relationship was finally terminated in 2013. In a report published in Vanity Fair in 2015, Eminem said of Rihanna: “I consider her a friend. He has always been there for me and I enjoy working with her. As artists we have the same ethical values, so I have always felt identified with her in that sense. ” Rihanna said of him: "She is one of my favorite people"

That same year, Eminem recorded this song initially intended for the album The Eminem Show that finally ended in E.P.I.C., a mixtape of rapper B.o.B. published in 2011. Yes, the part of Rihanna was censored. By then Rihanna and Chris Brown had already returned and were, in fact, about to release a song together, Nobody’s Bussiness, a subject so uncomfortable to listen to (by the nature of their performers' relationship) as addictive. In the song of Eminem that could be heard in 2011, although the self-censorship could with the fact of defending an abused condemned by the law, there were references to "fags", to electrocute the singer Jessica Simpson, to to put singer Natasha Bedingfield in a washing machine or to kill actress Dakota Fanning (in 2009 she was 15 years old).

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