Eminem released a song that received strict censorship

11.18.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Eminem released a song that received strict censorship
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It is complex to separate rapper Eminem from the controversy; He has been sued by his mother, is banned from entering Canada, accused of inciting violence and threatening women. With all this, he is one of the artists that has sold more albums in the world of hip hop: 230 million copies in total. And today he stars again in a scene for a rather controversial composition.

It is worth mentioning that the 47-year-old artist was also investigated after threatening two presidents of the United States: George W. Bush and Donald Trump. But now the news is another. This week his theme entitled “Things get worse” was leaked online, which speaks directly of the case between Chris Brown and Rihanna, as one of the fragments reads as follows: “Of course I put myself on the side of Chris Brown, I would kick a fox too. ”

It is clearly a reference to the episode of violence that linked the couple in 2009. The rapper was arrested and was forced to cancel a bail of $ 50,000. Immediately, the photo of the Barbadian with swollen eyes and lips, toured the world. At the time he pleaded guilty. And surprisingly Rihanna returned with him but in 2013 they finally separated.

In addition, it was that same year Eminem released the single "Things get worse" but with the lyrics that mention Riri edited. However, it was this week that the song came to the Internet complete and already ran like wildfire in the media. But the strange thing about this composition of the interpreter of "Lose yourself" is that he attacks the pop diva and, according to a report in Vanity Fair that dates from 2015, both maintained a friendship.

“I definitely consider her a friend. He has always been there for me and I enjoy working with her. As artists we have the same ethical values, so I have always felt identified with her in that sense. ” It was Eminem's words to Rihanna. In this sense, the brunette remarked: “She is one of my favorite people. He has so many layers and is such a good person. ”

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