Eminem reconciled GEazy and Machine Gun Kelly

04.9.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Eminem reconciled GEazy and Machine Gun Kelly
© Instagram / Eminem
Kelly's public feud with G-Eazy and Eminem ended during a performance at the KAOS nightclub in Las Vegas on April 6th.

They shook hands and posed for a photo together, which the CIM later posted on social networks.

Eminem, a friend of Kelly and G-Eazy, intervened and said he needed to end the feud.

They both went backstage before the show. Then they shared a short conversation backstage at KAOS at The Palms Resort and Casino. It was the first time they talked face to face after animosity.

G-Eazy and MGK are happy that their feud has officially ended, according to the source.

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