Emma Roberts can predict fashion trends

11.13.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Emma Roberts can predict fashion trends
© Instagram / Emma Roberts
We have come to the conclusion that Emma Roberts predicts the haircut and hair color that will become a trend. And this happens every season, without exception. ?You do not believe it? Pay attention to our, a priori, crazy theory.

When it comes to changing the look, we have all come to the stylist with a picture of a celebrity whose hair we envy. Illusive us, because we often do not take into account that our features may not resemble those of the actress or singer in question. So we succumb to the temptation of haircuts like Rachel Green's 'Friends' in 2000. Or other more drastic ones like the new look of Charlize Theron that can only fit her (and a very small group of mortal).

Emma Roberts is another one of those stars of the small and the big screen whose styles are very inspiring. Moreover, we venture to confirm that she wears the haircuts and the trend color that we all crave before and don't deny it, we end up copying.

In her last appearance, during the preview of 'Very Ralph', the actress has worn a 'long bob' with a line in the middle and large waves at the tips. A mane similar to what Penelope Cruz or Lara Alvarez currently looks.

Nor can we ignore the color, a chocolate brown tone that is among the most sought after on the Internet and that favors both dark-skinned girls and those who boast a more pale complexion.

Her look changes are common and on previous occasions we have seen her with that blond hair that you wanted as a child and that we all wanted in April of this year, a chestnut tree that triumphs this spring 2019 or even a daring 'Desert Rose' for the Summer 2016 All these options have risen as a trend after wearing them Emma Roberts on a red carpet or her Instagram profile. In addition, all of them adapt perfectly to the season in which you choose them, a pink blonde for the summer and the bet of the cold tones for the autumn months.

This time it seems that the same will happen, because the actress is already clear about the haircut and the color that will take this winter.

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