Emma Stone and Brad Pitt end up in 1920s Hollywood

11.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Emma Stone and Brad Pitt end up in 1920s Hollywood
© Instagram / Emma Stone
After a La La Land that made us dance in our seats, laugh and cry, director Damien Chazelle returns to the big screen with Babylon. And he won't do it alone: ​​Emma Stone will return to work with him accompanied by Brad Pitt. Paramount Pictures has set a date for the movie: December 25, 2021, which would allow the movie to enter the Oscar's career.

The news of its release date comes accompanied by more details about the argument: Babylon takes us to meet the character of John Gilbert (Pitt), an actor from silent films who seeks to survive in a changing film industry, an industry where it seems that there is no place for him. On the other hand, Emma Stone will put herself in the shoes of Clara Bow, an icon of Hollywood that achieved her fame in silent movies ... and in 1927 she made the jump to the movies with voice.

As The Hollywood Reporter reports, Paramount Pictures has required time to gain Babylon's rights. Chazelle presented his project to various studios last June, when we learned that Emma Stone was going to work with him again; According to nearby sources, Chazelle had difficulties in hosting her project because the script was initially composed of 180 pages - which would be 3 hours of movies - and would require a budget that went from 80 to 100 million dollars . However, Chazelle managed to cut the script to 30 pages, preparing the script and thus reducing the budget.

After the director of Whiplash and First Man made the changes due to the script, Paramount Pictures gave the project a green light. In this way, it has been the company that has advanced that we can enjoy Babylon on the big screen next December 25, 2021. Meanwhile, we will have the opportunity to see Emma Stone playing Cruella De Vil in the movie that will debut the next month of May; Brad Pitt, on the other hand, has not lacked the works either: the actor has worked with Quentin Tarantino once upon a time in Hollywood - a movie that, in part, shares thematic with Babylon - and in Ad Astra.

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