Emma Stone has something in common with her Disney villain

11.19.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Emma Stone has something in common with her Disney villain
© Instagram / Emma Stone
Disney villains sweep theaters. After the great reception of the second part of 'Malefica', released in Spain last month, everything seems to indicate that the next project of the producer, 'Cruella', will follow in its footsteps. To ensure success, which today is achieved far from the princesses, the largest entertainment company in the world has signed one of the most recognized actresses, Emma Stone, to embody the villain who wanted to wear a Dalmatian fur coat. However, Emma will not be a conventional bad girl, nor is the dark fairy masterfully interpreted by Angelina Jolie, and fashion will have a fundamental weight in the plot. And although we will have to wait until May 2021 to enjoy the production on the big screen, it is already known that the London of the 70s has been the chosen frame for this plot about Cruella de Vil. But before seeing her kidnap puppies, some of the images of the shoot have advanced a detail that unites the actress of Arizona with her new alter ego: both have very similar style norms and share a special love for trends. Ready to discover the similarities between Emma and the most stylish evil in children's cinema?

It is impossible not to feel a little identified with Cruella (regardless of his obsession with skins, of course), at least with his facet of faithful follower of trends and exclusive clothing. In fact, the interpretation of Glenn Close, the previous actress who put herself in her shoes, ended with an exhibition of the designs of the film that are already pieces of worship in the industry. As Emma Stone is famous for a somewhat classic style and, to some extent, vintage, it is not surprising that style connections are seen with her cinematographic looks. As the images of the shooting have been revealed, in one of the scenes, the actress will appear dressed in a mix & match style with different prints, ranging from plumeti to diplomatic stripe, through vichy and the golden chains. A very striking look that could well look on any other occasion of your daily life.

And she go if she did. In February 2015, attending the event of receiving the Oscar nominees - just when she was nominated for best secondary actress in 'Birdman' -, the actress combined a polka dot skirt with a sequined sweater that formed horizontal stripes. A look of a mixture of drawn motifs - always following Olivia Palermo's style norm when joining prints - which, definitely, we could also imagine in Cruella's closet, taking into account its fixation by the rounded spots of dalmatians.

But not only the most unexpected mixes of prints appear in the closet of the actress and her character. Also one of the first styles that filtered the villain makes it clear that even Emma herself could well be a source of inspiration to create her movie closet. With a black look from head to toe, the actress toured the streets of the London capital premiering a red hair for the movie (when will we see her characteristic bicolor hairstyle?). A set that surely corresponds to the moment in Cruella's life prior to his obsession with animal fur.

But as much as the monochromatic combination has left the dressing room for the big screen, it is an infallible mix for the interpreter. A few months ago, Emma Stone chose a practically identical look to go shopping with her partner. A style that, like that of the movie, was topped by a hat of the same tone, which in his case was a cap with a visor. Long coat and wide-heeled ankle boots were the other points that he kept from styling as a common denominator of the combination created for his character of the '101 Dalmatians'.

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