Emma Watson looked shame in the face and won

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Emma Watson looked shame in the face and won
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When it comes to controversies, Emma Watson's personal brand is usually received with a slight objection, such as leaving the mashed potatoes, or introducing snacks bought in a shop secretly to a cinema. But the woman who gave us Hermione, Bella and a sinisterly convincing thief in The Bling Ring has managed to enter the hall of fame for famous phrases at age 29.

"I never fully believed in that of 'I am single and happy,'" he told Vogue in an interview published this week. “It took me a long time, but I'm very happy [with being single]. I call it being a couple with myself. ”

Now, anyone can be forgiven for being taken by surprise for the sensation of "conscious separation" from that comment at first sight. In fact, many booed that completely. "Being in a relationship with oneself means that you can't get a man, don't you?" Said the British television host and, we can only assume that the self-styled relationship expert, Piers Morgan. Twitter users declared "what's wrong with being single?"

But isn't that a bit the purpose? If society were friendlier towards single women, and our associations with the word "single" were generally more positive, there would be no need for Emma Watson to create the phrase. In fact, when Piers Morgan made his mocking comments on the "Good Morning Britain" program, the studio played in the background the song most associated with the tragic loneliness of the best known "spinster", Bridget Jones, "All By Myself."

It really is very rare. Emma Watson is as independent and privileged as one can be, without becoming a white man in a similar situation. But not only continues to disclose their insecurities, those insecurities are met with a whirlwind of criticism for being honest. In contrast, this week we saw how 55-year-old Keanu Reeves generated a positive uproar by dating a woman only nine years younger than him. As noted by BBC journalist Louise Ridley on Twitter, “it is very revealing that the film star, winner of the British Academy Film Award, UN ambassador, Brown and Oxbridge graduate Emma Watson says she feels pressure for not having a partner and baby at 30. ”

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