Emma Watson opposes abortion law

05.17.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Emma Watson opposes abortion law
© Instagram / Emma Watson
Emma Watson and Rihanna opposed the new abortion laws. Recently, these laws were passed in Alabama.

Politicians in Alabama tightened abortion legislation

The bill also prohibits abortion in cases of rape and incest. The only exception is if a woman’s health is at risk.

Emma Watson and Rihanna joined in protesting new restrictions.

Currently, women living in Northern Ireland are forced to travel to mainland Britain for an abortion that is illegal in their home country, says Emma Watson . People living in Northern Ireland and the United States deserve decent access to safe, legal and local Reproductive health at home. These laws will not prevent women and pregnant women from having an abortion or making a better decision for their body and family, it simply means that they have to do it unsafe, ”continued Emma Watson .

Rihanna has published a photo of the legislators with the inscription idiots

Take a look. These are idiots making decisions for women in America. Governor Kay Ivy ... Shame on you !!!! - wrote Rihanna

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