EXO reveals the new teaser of Sehun and Baekhyun

11.19.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

EXO reveals the new teaser of Sehun and Baekhyun
© Instagram / EXO
The Kpop group develops a dark concept of doppelgänger for their album "Obsession" EXO presented on Instagram the new teaser of the confrontation between Sehun and Baekhyun with their dark and dark doubles of X-EXO, characters created in the new concept of the album of 'Obsession '.

In the publication - made on November 18 - you can see the poster that faces Baekhyun and his double sinister Baëkhyun, the latter presents as part of his design a thin chain that crosses his face and eyes of intense green, as well as strands of hair white that fall on the right side. Meanwhile, under the motto: "The messy world order and anomalies due to twisted orbits", EXO presented the confrontation of Sehun and Sehůn, on the last November 15.

The double of ‘Senshine’ (one of Sehun's appellants) sports a red mark over the right eye and reaches the middle of his face, forming a cross below the eye. For its part, the real version of the rapper and dancer wears a leather harness on a black vest and motorcycle gloves.

The Kpop group have been engaging their fandom, called EXO-L, in this universe of doppelgänger (German word to define a phantasmagoric double), asking him to vote for the character they like best. So far the teasers of Kai and Kāi have been presented, followed by Chanyeol and his evil version Chanyeøl.

Finally, on the calendar presented by EXO on November 20, 22 and 25, new teaser will be presented, and on the 27th of the same month the Obsession music video will be released along with the album of the same name.

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