Freddie Mercury's friend John Deacon could not

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Freddie Mercury's friend John Deacon could not
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return to the music industry

Almost immediately after the death of Freddie Mercury, John Deacon left the Queen group and in principle the music industry. Roger Taylor called it "fragile" and "sociopath."

28 years after the death of Freddie Mercury, Queen again surfaced in all the news. A new documentary, The Show Must Continue: The Story of Queen and Adam Lambert, is released. As a result, began a new tour.

But there is no other musician among the band members.
And this is John Deacon. Back in 1997, the Deacon left the group, six years after the death of Freddie. At this time, Queen was finalizing the demo and recordings that Freddie Mercury left behind. At that time, the remaining musicians understood that the Queen group was ending its existence.

Despite this, Taylor and May were able to keep their band in the ear and even released a film about the pain of losing Freddie Mercury. But John Dick did it with great difficulty.

Taylor says: “John got mad and decided that he could no longer do the music business. It was a strange period. Indeed, the group is over. He completely withdrew from any social contacts. I think he's a bit fragile, and he just didn't want to know anything about talking to people in the music business or something else. This is fair enough; we respect that. "

“We don’t communicate, but John is actually a sociopath, and he gave his blessing to what Brian and I could do with the brand - and we did quite a lot,” Taylor added

The term "sociopath" sounds rather abruptly. Deacon has always been the calmest member of the group.

It seems that all Deacon's friends and colleagues agree that the loss of Freddie meant that the pressure and struggle of the music industry became intolerable.

College friend Robert Ahwai said: "He suffered from depression after the death of Freddie, and I am not sure that he ever came out of it."

Jackie Smith led the Queen Fan Club for 37 years and added: “John surrendered after the death of Freddie. He and Freddie were opponents, because John was so shy, and he was the youngest in the group. Freddie took him under his wing and all these years they were very close. Freddie distracted attention, and without Freddie I don’t think that John could have run into this. ”

It seems that the Deacon knew then and now knows exactly what he was doing. Calmly and firmly, he started a family in Putney, receiving more fame, wealth and achievement than many could have imagined. He just lives his own life.

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