Freddie Mercury changed the life of Rami Malek forever

04.2.2019     /     News author: Elizabeth

Freddie Mercury changed the life of Rami Malek forever
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An extremely successful film continues to achieve success on a home video after a record in theaters at the end of last year. He also received multiple awards at ceremonies - he won more Oscars this year than any other. The work of the actor has been widely recognized.

Speaking in an interview with the Harkins Theater, Malek was asked about his role in this film.

The reason that everyone is feeling about him is that he changes everyone’s view of the world, the actor answered.

What Freddie Mercury did well was that he let us find a little more freedom and freedom in ourselves and sing a little louder than we used to.

On the question of whether he had adopted any physical manners or character traits after his speech, he replied: I am not going to lie, this sometimes happens! But I am not against it.

Speaking in the same release, Lucy Boynton, who played Mary Austin, very much appreciated the performance of her boyfriend on the screen and behind the scenes.

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