Gal Gadot fell in love with the latest Honey Boy movie

11.12.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Gal Gadot fell in love with the latest Honey Boy movie
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The Israeli actress recommended to her 31 and a half million followers to go to the cinema to see "Honey Boy".

After a step through independent cinema, Shia LaBeouf, best known for starring in the first films of "Transformers", returned to the forefront of the film industry with two productions that fell in love with both the press, audiences and colleagues , since Gal Gadot she fell in love with her "Honey Boy".

"Honey Boy" is a kind of autobiographical film by LaBeouf, where 10 years of the actor's life will be explored, who became a child star thanks to the pressures of his father, a Vietnam veteran with alcoholism problems who is played in the big screen by LaBeouf himself. The film premiered on November 8 in the United States and will not reach the traditional Argentine cinemas.

Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges will play Shia LaBeouf, Noah Jupe and Byron Bowers will also be part of the main cast of this acclaimed film, which quickly fell in love with Gal Gadot, who left the cinema wanting to recommend it to his followers: “If not yet you saw 'Honey Boy', do yourself a favor and go see it, ”wrote the protagonist of“ Wonder Woman 1984 “.

"It's a beautiful and heartbreaking story written and starred by Shia LaBeouf about his own life and is directed by the very talented Alma Har'el," Gadot closed his message to talk about the great return of LaBeouf, who had already impressed critics this year after the presentation of "Peanut Butter Falcon", a moving story about a young man with down syndrome (Zack Gottsagen) and his trip with a fugitive (LaBeouf) and a social worker (Dakota Johnson) to become a fighter wrestling

For her part, Gal Gadot lives her best moment in film and on television, where soon she will get into the roles of her life to play two powerful women on the screens: Hedy Lammar in a series for Showtime still without a title Irena Sendler, a Catholic nurse who helped hundreds of Jewish children escape during the Holocaust.

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