Gal Gadot shared a family photo

11.14.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Gal Gadot shared a family photo
© Instagram / Gal Gadot
The Israeli actress Gal Gadot, in addition to being the protagonist of 'Wonder Woman' is the mother of two daughters: Alma of eight years, and Maya, of two. On the occasion of the recent birthday of the eldest, she has dedicated a beautiful Instagram account with which parents feel identified.

Together with the message, she shared a family photo in black and white where she can be seen with her husband, Yaron Varsano, on the day of the birth of their first daughter. The day that, according to the actress, has changed her life forever.

“8 years ago, today my life has changed forever. Alma decided that I was fed up and left a good week before my due date. She has brought so much love and light to our house. So much laughter with funny and shameless moments, so much curiosity, both daring and naive, ”recalls the actress for her daughter's eighth birthday.

And he continues to dedicate these emotional words that reflect the unconditional love of a mother, from the moment we see our baby's face for the first time:

"I'm very lucky to be your mother." "Thank you for teaching me so much about life without even knowing that you are and for giving me the most precious title you could ask for. I promise that I will do anything for you, love and protect you forever."

We parents have this constant constant duality of wanting our children to grow up, and at the same time wishing that they stay small forever. When you want to realize it, you look back and ask yourself: When did you grow up so much, baby? Where is that baby that curled up in my arms? How has it been so long?

Gal thus ends his dedication:

"Just please, don't grow up so fast. Take your time. I can't believe you're already 8 years old. I love you until the moon in all the galaxies, double the number of grains of sand in the universe."

If you have children of seven, eight, nine years old, you will understand what the actress feels. That feeling that from now on they begin to become increasingly autonomous and independent, which is what it should be, but we cannot help feeling nostalgic for how quickly they have grown.

Therefore, let's learn to enjoy each stage of our children, and let's not stop choking and pampering them every day because they grow up too quickly.

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