Gerard Butler has found the secret to a stable relationship

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Gerard Butler has found the secret to a stable relationship
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Leonidas was a born conqueror. And like the character who embodied in '300', the same could be said of Gerard Butler. His bride's rosary is almost comparable to Don Juan de Zorrilla. He declared in an interview that he had never found the perfect woman ... or perfect for him. "It's hard to maintain a relationship in the industry. It's my fault, in part. It's hard when you're going all the time somewhere else. Now I'm in Australia for two months. Who wants to date someone who is all the time like this?" .

Throughout his life, he has been linked to women from the world of entertainment. In 2007, for example, the media published that it had a relationship with Rosario Dawson. Neither wanted to confirm or deny the relationship. In fact, the actor was annoyed that, in full promotion of '300', the media decided to ask all the time for her.

With which he had a public and confirmed relationship was with Jennifer Aniston. The two appeared in 'The Bounty Hunter' and from a deep friendship they went on to share something more than that. They were dating a year together and they walked hand in hand on red carpets. Later, she ended up marrying Justin Theroux, a marriage that was not as happy as the protagonist of 'Friends' expected. According to some tabloids, Butler was a consolation once he signed the divorce papers. The actor's sympathy for Jennifer was always clear. They say that when a journalist from the Andy Cohen show asked him who kissed better, if Angelina Jolie vs Aniston, he didn't doubt a second. "Jennifer much better," he concluded.

Campbell, Jessica Biel or Ashley Greene were some of those mentioned. The rumors of conquests ceased when he met Morgan Brown in 2014. One of his friends commented on 'The Sun' which, despite having "an eternal reputation as a single man", seemed to be delighted with her. "In the end I will always come back with Morgan."

In spite of everything, the couple's relationship has always been a Russian mountain of brutal fights (they say the bad tongues that he does not want to commit) and diabetic reunions. On one occasion they went on vacation with the only objective of fixing one of their worst disagreements. In another, after being separated for months, they agreed to meet at two different restaurants in Los Angeles. As a close friend said to them, "it seems they never just left." And so they have been for five years in which they loved each other, fought and loved each other again.

Between meeting and meeting, the actor took the opportunity to date other people. For example, with Ms. Barbara d'Urso, a 60-year-old Italian who is one of the most popular presenters of transalpine television. But, as usual, it lasted very little time.

Some of his friends attribute his sentimental instability to his young men, in whom he had to deal with alcoholism. But there was a day when I put the bottle aside. "Before, one or two drinks were never enough for me. Now, I don't miss it. It's like I've never drank in my life. To such an extent that I never imagined being able to party and not drink. But as time goes by , you lose that need and insecurity that makes people drink, "he said.

Today, it seems that Butler is at peace with himself and, for the moment, his girlfriend is still Brown. A mature love that, say those around him, does not need more commitments than those of a complicity. Although that complicity seems to come and go.

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