Gerard Butler will be busy filming for a very long time

11.14.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Gerard Butler will be busy filming for a very long time
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Alan Siegel, producer of the saga formed by Objective: The White House, Objective: London and Objective: Washington D.C., announced this week at the American Film Market financing conference that there will be more sequels in the near future. Siegel talks about at least three more movies with Gerard Butler in front and, if things are going well, television spin-offs in different countries filmed in the local language, with the possibility of future movies.

Until now, this saga has kept Gerard Butler's career afloat along with other movies of a similar cut with the British making the American hero salvapatrias. The horny thing about this saga in particular, which was born almost like a Crystal Jungle, is how the protagonist works like a magnet for national security crises. The guy plucks nuts from North Korea without flinching, but that happens because wherever he goes, an American president is put in danger. A type of cinema that, when it works, is very fun, but when not, it is a mass of fabulous topics without imagination or fun.

Now imagine a Spanish version ... Objective: Moncloa, a movie where a terrorist group formed by Catalans and Basques who are very fans of theirs, besieged the Moncloa Palace with very wide castellets and pediments. And there you have to come a native Gerard Butler, Jose Coronado, for example, to liquidate the independentistas. With bloody hands and a heart full of Spanish pride, he finally receives a decoration from the president in the middle of Las Ventas bullring. There are people from a certain party who see reality as well, so that public is assured.

In this scenario of spin-offs from other countries Siegel sees things this way: “If we do it in India, the star of that version could appear in‘ Objective 4 ’. It could be a symbiotic relationship. ”

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