How to vote #India Google depicts Doodle sixth time

05.11.2019     /     News author: Dima

How to vote #India Google depicts Doodle sixth time
© Instagram / Google Doodle
Google has again published Doodle about the elections in India. This is the sixth figure. But it is surprising that all the pictures are the same. And the sixth is again like the first. Only today it is called India Elections 2019 (Phase 6).

Again, the developers published a picture, where instead of the third letter of the logo, an inverted palm with a finger is shown. The finger is marked with a special paint. For those who do not know why, we will explain again.

Since Google Doodle is called How to vote #India, the figure also shows part of the voting procedure in India. after the voter votes his finger is marked with paint. It is very simple and effectively helps to control people who have already voted.

The sixth stage of the voting continues. In these elections in India there will be only seven stages. And they are held from April 11 to May 19, 2019. The final tally will take place on May 23rd. And only after that the final results will be announced.

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