Australia Federal Elections '19 Get Your Google Doodle

05.17.2019     /     News author: Dima

Australia Federal Elections '19 Get Your Google Doodle
© Instagram / Google Doodle
Today will be Australia Federal Elections '19 and the Google Doodle development team are posting a new image. The figure shows a box for voting and a ballot paper that is lowered into it. Also on the front of the box you can see the flag of Australia. We must say that such a pattern often appears for different countries. Only flags are different. Why developers do not draw unique pictures? We have no answer to this question.

During the upcoming elections, citizens of the country are to elect 150 members of the House of Representatives for a term of three years, as well as 38 senators for six years. The lower house of parliament and half of the Congress will be re-elected on May 18. The head of government said this, speaking to reporters in Canberra on Thursday.

He said: "I visited the Governor General here in Canberra this morning, and he accepted my advice to hold the elections on May 18th." The current parliament of the country will be dissolved on April 11 by order of the head of government. In total in Australia more than 7000 sites will be organized.

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