Margaret Ogola's 60th Birthday gets a new Google Doodle

06.12.2019     /     News author: Dima

Margaret Ogola's 60th Birthday gets a new Google Doodle
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On this day in 1958, a famous Kenyan writer, doctor and human rights activist Margaret Ogola was born.

In the picture, the authors depicted her portrait against the background of a sunset or sunrise. We can say that the drawing turned out to be quite simple and it is difficult to understand what Margaret Ogola was doing.

Her literary debut is dedicated to the life of different generations of Kenyan women. It all starts with a rural village of the 19th century and tracing the descendants of a matriarch named Akoko up to modern Nairobi. Along the way, the novel is devoted to political and cultural changes, as well as to the problems of AIDS, always emphasizing the role of women in African society. After being dismissed by various publishing houses, the Ogola novel received the Jomo Kenyatta Award for the 1995 literature and the 1995 Commonwealth Writers Award for the best first book.

“The source of inspiration for this book was my mother,” said Margaret Ogola, “who passed on the wisdom of her mother and grandmother to me.” Highlighting the courage of African women in their daily lives, the book has become a must-read for many Kenya high school students.

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