Halle Berry shared her impressive physical changes

11.12.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Halle Berry shared her impressive physical changes
© Instagram / Halle Berry
"Bond girl," "Catwoman" ... You can't say that Halle Berry had a physicist who didn't attract attention. But although the actress has always boasted a curvy and toned figure, now she has taken it to another level, getting some authentic abdominal steel for her last movie.

We are used to seeing radical changes of aspect between the actors and actresses due to the script's demands. From going from a healthy weight to losing 20 kilos in just a couple of months or developing some impression muscles in the same short period of time.

More than strict diets, marathon workouts and many willpower are the keys to achieving it. And this is the motivating message that Halle Berry wanted to launch from her Instagram account, where the actress has uploaded a photo that has gone viral in a few hours.

Berry is immersed in the shooting of what is her new project as director and leading actress, Bruised. A movie that tells the story of a UFC fighter, the most famous and demanding martial arts league in the world.

And for this, the Hollywood star set a challenge, wear marked abs at 53 years. Something she has finally achieved thanks, according to herself, to her eagerness to achieve her goals, even if they are very high, and also to her coach Mubarak Malik, the same one who has trained other celebrities such as Justin Bieber or Hugh Jackman.

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