Halle Berry was found guilty

11.18.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Halle Berry was found guilty
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Although their relationship ended years ago, the rough details of hell that actress Halle Berry lived in the relationship she had with the Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, father of her daughter Nahla, have been revealed, as revealed by the documents to which she would have had access .

Racism, incest and vexations are some adjectives that would reduce the couple's years of courtship. All this came to light during the legal battle that the couple undertook on behalf of the custody of their daughter. The actress came to ensure in court her ex-partner did not want to recognize her daughter for being mestizo. To try to convince the judge that the father was not the right person to take care of the child, born in 2008, Halle Berry came to affirm that the model would have maintained an incestuous relationship with a family member for years, whose identity was not reached to reveal.

"After the first six months of our relationship, our sex life decreased and later we only made love less than three times a year," said the interpreter. "I criticized my body in a very degrading way for women," she added about the vexatious comments I received from her ex-partner.

After these statements, Berry was denounced by her ex-partner for revealing information about her health and her privacy. The transfer to Paris, since Halle Berry was dating the French actor Olivier Martinez at the time, was another of the pitfalls of legal litigation. Finally, justice did not give the reason to the actress and ruled that she had to pay more than 15,000 euros a month in support of her daughter's father, who starred in an outrageous fight in the garden of the actress's house with Martinez.

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