There are no tickets left for Halsey fans

06.10.2019     /     News author: Oksana

There are no tickets left for Halsey fans
© Instagram / Halsey
Halsey led to instant ticket demand and sales. On the eve it became known that she was going to perform with her concert on stage.

The singer has a big talent for increasing demand for ticket sales. She wanted to perform in front of her fans in the Electric Ballroom building. For the tickets, the most impatient fans arrived the day before the sale to be in the front row.

The concert will take place in one of the night clubs. The capacity of the club is small, about 1,5 thousand people, rock-n-roll performers always perform in it. Concerts were given at the club quite famous stars such as Paul McCartney. Tickets to visit the club, where she performed Halsey bought up fans in a couple of minutes.

Halsey performed her popular songs The Chainsmokers Closer. Thanks to her songs, she keeps the first lines of the hit parade.

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