Harry Styles gave an impromptu mini concert

11.22.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Harry Styles gave an impromptu mini concert
© Instagram / Harry Styles
The singer was recording a segment for the James Corden show and surprised the drivers with his music.

Harry Styles is promoting the music of his most recent album, "Fine Line," which will premiere on December 13 with a concert in Los Angeles. The singer has already released the video of his first single, "Lights Up", also appeared as a conductor and musical guest on the Saturday Night Live program, where he performed in several sketches.

Apparently Harry is having a lot of fun promoting his new material, because he not only participated in the comedy show a few days ago, but also just got caught by dozens of drivers in Los Angeles traffic, all while giving a impromptu concert in front of cars

This is a dynamic that James Corden sometimes does with other musical guests, improvising presentations or parts of plays when the light turns red, and they run when the light turns green again. In fact, James shared in his social networks the flyers they used to "promote" the event.

Thanks to the curious people who were going through, and the lucky drivers who saw Harry sing in front of their cars, we now know that the former One Direction made musical numbers of "Lights Up" and his most recent single, "Watermelon Sugar".

In addition, he made a parody of his video "Sign of the Times", because there are also videos that caught him hanging on some cables using the costumes he wore in the video clip of that single from his previous album. It is not yet known when this segment will be released on the Late Late Show with James Corden, but all Harry fans look forward to seeing the final result of this recording.

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