Harry Styles talks about his drug use

11.27.2019     /     News author: Alexandra

Harry Styles talks about his drug use
© Instagram / Harry Styles
Through an interview for Zane Lowe in 'New Music Daily,' the ex-one direction, Harry Styles, talks about his drug abuse.

The ex-one direction, Harry Styles, attended an interview last Friday, November 22, with Zane Lowe for the famous program 'New Music Daily', this, in order to promote his new studio album, 'Fine Line' , which will be available from next December 13.

During this interview, in addition to talking about music, the singer was also honest about his use of toxic substances; and confessed that it began just after the separation of the successful boyband, One Direction.

“When I was in the band I felt it was something big enough, and it was like 'I won't be the one to spoil this,'” Styles continued, “It was like 'Now is the time in my life when I can go out and experiment, and do this and the other, it is what you do with friends, but it will not be me who ruins everything, 'so I didn't do any of that, ”said the Briton.

That is why, once the group broke up, it was the “indicated” time for Harry to begin to experiment, even pointing out that much of the inspiration of his new studio album is due to the consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

“Making this album was like… I don't know, I enjoyed it more. I was with my friends in Malibu, I felt so safe; It was like ‘Do I want to take some mushrooms? I'm going to do it, now is the right time to have fun. ' We were in Malibu, I'm 24 and I'm a musician, so… Yes, there are a lot of those mushrooms in this album ”; Styles revealed.

The next Harry Styles studio album, ‘Fine Line’, will go on sale next Friday, December 13 internationally, so the artist surprised his followers by revealing the setlist of said musical production.

Likewise, tickets for his world tour, ‘Love on tour’, are already available through the official website of the artist.

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