Harry Styles will play a prestigious role

07.11.2019     /     News author: Oksana

Harry Styles will play a prestigious role
© Instagram / Harry Styles
Harry Styles received a tempting offer from a director who was about to shoot an autobiographical film. Motion picture to be made will be about the life of Elvis Presley. On the role of the king of rock and roll, it was proposed to take Harry Styles.

Harry Styles was selected for this role for a reason. The actor has many external data, the hairstyle is suitable, the manner of moving, and the voices are somewhat similar. Harry Styles has a good talent of charm, like that of the king of rock and roll.

According to official information on this role, many actors took part in the casting, Harry Styles turned out to be the most suitable. Fans of the actor are looking forward to the release of the film to see the game of their idol.

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